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Create to Connect is what I do.

I am Jennifer Yen, founder and graphic designer of Westeast Design. 

For over 10 years, I have worked with corporates in the travel industry bridging international campaigns into the U.K., and on smaller scales, I create branded marketing collateral for independent businesses to connect with their target audience.


My creative services are specialised in the lifestyle, travel and hospitality industries where I deliver beautiful brands, communicative design and printed solutions that reflect your business and make impactful impressions.

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Let's elevate your ideas with excitement, support & expertise.

I love what I do - delivering design solutions that you fall in love with yourself!

I'm genuinely excited about supporting your business's growth and witnessing it flourish, maximising it's potential!


Working with corporates, agencies and established names has given me extensive knowledge and expertise in brand design and strategies for different sectors. I implement these relatable strategies to evolve your small and medium size business where my brain begins to ripple ideas with excitement and my passion begins to spark!


What next? Let's clarify your vision and create the face of your brand with trust, professionalism, a great sense of reward and plenty of fun! Together, we can build your brand with the same values and careful attention to your customers and ensure they are at the clockwork of every solution.

From Design to Delivery.

I provide an approachable yet fluid experience for your business so that your project is left in the hands of a trusted and experienced designer. My portfolio demonstrates the handling of projects from concept to design, production to implementation, quality to delivery, whether it be to your door or directly to your inbox. 

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